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About BFG Token

BFG is the internal token of BetFury platform launched on BSC. Hold BFG tokens to receive passive income from our staking pool. Enjoy playing games, and place sports bets.

About BFG

BFG is certified by CertiK - the official confirmation of reliability and security.

Key metrics

Name:BFG token
Contract address:View Contract
Chain:BNB Chain (BEP20)
Total emission:5 000 000 000 BFG
Total circulation:0 BFG
Total staked:0 BFG
Total unstaked:0 BFG
Total burnt amount:0 BFG
From total supply:NaN%
Burn contract

🔥 BFG Burning

BetFury team supports the healthy product economy and conducts a monthly BFG token burning. Planned burnings increase the value of BFG token, and keep the balance between holders and developers to support the token distribution model.

Burn contract
Burned tokens:
  • BFG tokens that are owned by the team
  • BFG tokens from lost bets

Token Utility

Earn up to 50% APY in BFG staking
Stake BFG and receive daily multi-currency payouts or in BFG. Learn more
Stake BFG
Total paid $122.3M
Staking participants 34K+
About BFG staking
BFG gaming and betting
Gaming & Betting
Tokens are available for gaming & betting with min bet from 0.00000001
BFG trading
Buy & Sell BFG tokens on TOP exchanges

How to get BFG?

Use the preferred crypto to buy BFG directly on BetFury. Sell BFG tokens without having to switch to other platforms. 

BFG wallet

Trade BFG on TOP exchanges

BFG mining BFG Mining ended on June 13

5 000 000 000 tokens have been mined

You could mine BFG tokens by playing games before, but mining has been completed. No new coins are entering the market, which makes BFG more valuable now.